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UL Helps Valvoline™ Educate Employees, Support Business

Valvoline refocused their training program with our LearnShare™ Learning Management System (LMS).

Fuel and power generation

Valvoline is a global marketer and supplier of premium automotive oil, additives, lubricants and retail automotive services. After setting aggressive employee training development goals, Valvoline™ partnered with UL Solutions to find an effective solution for delivering training content to their employees.  

In addition to an ambitious deployment timeframe, training content delivery was further challenged by an expansive network of learners, requiring critical compliance and skills training. Furthermore, each type of learner needed specific training to support their distinct job performance requirements. Training content needed to be delivered to a diverse array of learners, including employees, franchisees, distributors and customers across various business lines.  

UL Solutions worked with Valvoline to determine and deploy a solution that worked for their large organization and their diverse global teams. Valvoline was looking for a single training platform that could be configured in specific ways for diverse groups of learners and increase learner competency speed. Most urgent was their need to deliver and validate process training to technical staff performing automotive services using regulated materials and interacting with customers.

In this customer success story, UL Solutions will discuss how we helped Valvoline educate employees and support business outcomes with our LearnShare™ Learning Management System (LMS).  

Read the case study to learn more on how Valvoline was able to simplify and refocus their training program to deliver targeted training to Valvoline’s global teams. Using LearnShare™ Learning Management System (LMS), Valvoline is able to support nearly 26,000 learners in 42 countries.

 As a result of Valvoline’s efforts, Valvoline has noticed performance improvement outcomes, including the ability to benchmark employee certifications, serve a broader range of employees and automatically assign skill gap training when employees are not performing to expectations. 

Customer Success Story

Valvoline customer success story

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