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UL Certified Functional Safety Professionals and eXperts - Agricultural and Construction Machinery

The following individuals have achieved status as a UL Certified Functional Safety Professional or eXpert (Agricultural Machinery).

  First Name   Last Name Company Name Country CERT Certificate Number Renewal Date
  Nicholas   Alexiades UL Solutions USA UL CFSX:  Agricultural Machinery Program FSXAgMach1001 3/31/2025
  Gianluca   Giorgio UL Solutions Italy UL CFSX:  Agricultural Machinery Program FSXAgMach1002 5/31/2025
  Trent   Johnson Raven Industries USA UL CFSP:  Agricultural Machinery Program FSPAgMach1005 4/30/2024
  Patrick   Kleisinger Topcon Electronics GmbH & Co. KG Germany UL CFSP:  Agricultural Machinery Program FSPAgMach1003 12/31/2023
  Ashley   Lawrie Top Con Australia UL CFSP:  Agricultural Machinery Program FSPAgMach1002 11/30/2023
  Haydar   Mahmoud Topcon Positioining Systems, Inc. USA UL CFSP:  Agricultural Machinery Program FSPAgMach1004 3/31/2024
  Peter   Padar Top Con USA UL CFSP:  Agricultural Machinery Program FSPAgMach1001 11/30/2023