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UL Certified Autonomy Safety Professionals and eXperts - UL 4600

The following individuals have achieved status as a UL Certified Functional Safety Professional or eXpert.

First Name Last Name Company Country Certificate Type Certificate # Expiration Date
Nicholas  Alexiades UL USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0102 1/31/2024
Nicholas  Alexiades UL USA UL-CASX: Autonomous CASX4600-0104 1/31/2024
Carlos Avalos-Gonzalez UL USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0106 8/31/2024
David Erdos UL Canada UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0110 8/31/2024
Andrea Gil Batres UL USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0111 8/31/2024
Justin Goeglein May Mobility, Inc USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0105 7/31/2024
Jayalekshmi Krishnamoorthy UL USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0112 8/31/2024
Gokul Krithivasan UL USA UL-CASX: Autonomous CASX4600-0101 1/31/2024
Kaushik Madala UL USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0108 8/31/2024
Jody J. Nelson UL USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0101 1/31/2024
Jody J. Nelson UL USA UL-CASX: Autonomous CASX4600-0103 1/31/2024
Nikhil Ramaswamy UL USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0109 8/31/2024
Abhishek Shivkumar UL USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0113 8/31/2024
Satvir Singh May Mobility, Inc USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0103 7/31/2024
Mert Solmaz UL Germany UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0107 8/31/2024
Bill Taylor UL USA UL-CASX: Autonomous CASX4600-0102 1/31/2024
Allan Watson May Mobility, Inc USA UL-CASP: Autonomous CASP4600-0104 7/31/2024


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