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Resources for OSHA Outreach Training

Enhance your OSHA knowledge with UL Solutions.

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OSHA’s mission is to save lives, prevent injuries and protect the health of America’s workers. We hope that this curated selection of resources helps you improve your knowledge of OSHA and helps you with your goal of promoting an engaged safety culture.

Download job aids with tips and suggestions to remind you of vital safety information covered in UL Solutions online training courses. Learn more about Environmental, health and safety (EHS) online safety training courses that we offer to help you create a safe work environment for your employees.

You’ll also find articles and white papers to assist you in your safety mission. Find resources that detail how you can leverage EHS software to more effectively develop an influential and engaged safety culture. Read information that can help you find a better approach to enable workers to identify workplace hazards and take precautions that avoid incidents. Also, learn how OSHA publications can help with that approach. 

Another way to help reduce the number and severity of incidents is through a robust safety culture. Our article “Five steps to improving your workplace safety culture” gives you actionable steps to help you create a safer workplace for your employees. 

Our article “How to empower your employees to report safety incidents” can further help you by sharing insights into what prevents some organizations from reporting safety incidents successfully. 

For other OSHA-related questions, we have included useful OSHA website links.

UL Solutions trusts that you found the OSHA Outreach Training Curriculum engaging and informative. We are happy to provide you with access to job aids, fact sheets and other helpful resources to further enhance your safety and health knowledge. We appreciate your business and the valuable work you do every day.

PURE Safety

Our safety management software enables you to log safety incidents, assign corrective actions, analyze underlying causes, and report out to regulatory organizations all in one location, helping you improve the safety and well-being of your employees. 

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Job aids

EHS Online Safety Training Courses

Online training to help organizations keep employees safe and healthy with the UL Solutions EHS safety catalog

Safely Reopening During a Pandemic: A Q&A with Eric Glass, Senior Risk and Safety Advisor for Building Life and Safety Technologies at UL Solutions

Articles and white papers

EHS software: The accurate safety data leadership demands

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Five Steps to Improving Your Workplace Safety Culture

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Safety Training – Do What’s Right, Not Just What’s Required

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How to empower your employees to report safety incidents

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