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Navigating Retailer Sustainability Requirements

Find out how sustainability disclosure requirements can impact your business and how you can leverage programs to drive opportunity.

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Overview of retailer sustainability requirements

Across industries, retailer requirements for sustainability disclosure are changing. To maintain healthy retailer relationships, suppliers have to not only communicate current sustainability activities, but be able to demonstrate plans for year over year improvement while understanding the changes that are coming.

What you will learn

UL’s Catherine Sheehy presents how retailer programs like these can impact your business and how you can prepare to leverage the programs to drive opportunity; from supporting retailer relationships to driving positive business change and influencing consumer preference. Specific topics:

  • Factors driving market engagement
  • Evolving retailer engagement
  • Shift in supplier requirements
  • The Sustainability Consortium
  • What KPIs are being measured
  • How to drive continuous sustainability improvement
  • Sustainability challenges and opportunities for manufacturers
  • Evolving eco-information needs and tools

Who should watch

  • Suppliers
  • Retail buyers
  • Brand managers

Navigating Retailer Sustainability Requirements