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Hazard Communication Service Terms

Hazard Communication Deliverables: Shall include Safety Data Sheet (“SDS”) and/or GHS Label Elements, GHS Hazard Assessments, Consumer Label Statements, VOC Compliance Services

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Hazard Communication Deliverables: Shall include Safety Data Sheet (“SDS”) and/or GHS Label Elements, GHS Hazard Assessments, Consumer Label Statements, VOC Compliance Services.

Following Client submission of all requested information, the Hazard Communication Deliverable will be delivered within 10 business days, with rolling delivery, depending on volume unless otherwise confirmed in writing by UL.  If Expedited Service is requested, your UL Representative will confirm whether it can be accommodated and the delivery date.


  1. Client will provide a completed and signed Intake Request form with additional relevant documentation such as vendor SDSs, full formulation including percentages, product use, intended markets (countries) and additional pertinent documents to your UL Representative.
  2. If third-party suppliers will be involved, the execution of UL’s form of Support Agreement is required.  Project Management time is included in the quote to oversee this process.
  3. UL will deliver a draft Deliverable in English based on Client-provided information
  4. Upon delivery, Client shall have 10 business days to review the Deliverable and provide the UL Regulatory Specialist notice of any Non-conformances.
  5. If no Non-conformances are identified by Client within such 10-day period, UL shall deem such Deliverable complete and Client shall be invoiced.
  6. UL shall review any notified Non-conformances, will confer with Client as needed, make appropriate corrections and deliver a completed Deliverable (PDF file, unless specifically agreed otherwise in the SOW) to Client. UL shall then invoice Client for the Deliverable.
  7. If the SOW includes translation Services into other languages of a final SDS or GHS Label Elements Deliverable, translations are then processed and delivered typically within 10-15 business days.  Such Deliverables are subject to a 10 business-day-review period by Client and Non-conformances are addressed as set forth above.
  8. Client shall be responsible for the creation of the final labels, including all information, language(s), symbols and/or pictograms, and formatting requirements for the specific product type as defined by applicable regulation(s).

Terms for Open Statements of Work (if applicable):

  1. An Open Statement of Work shall be deemed to be a SOW where UL has provided a fixed priced for a set time period as set forth on the SOW and may include a not to exceed fee amount or number of Hazard Communication Deliverable Requests subject to the agreed pricing.
  2. Request Submission: All initial requests for Services must be submitted to your UL sales representative  with a copy to the Regulatory Affairs Manager by email (each, a “Request”).  Each Request shall be accompanied by the required client provided information.   UL shall acknowledge acceptance or rejection of a Request.  If rejected, UL shall provide an explanation or clarification with respect to Services it can provide.
  3. Initiation of Services: Services related to an accepted Request will commence upon receipt of all required information from Client.
  4. Turnaround Time: Standard Service delivery turnaround time with respect to a Request is ten (10) business days from receipt of all required information. Any deviations from this standard turnaround time are subject to an increase in the UL applicable advisory hourly rate as noted in “General Pricing.”

Pricing (if not included in SOW Pricing Table):

Fee shall be based on either the agreed to fixed price or the amount of time incurred to complete a Request as set forth below.  Billing shall be based on quarter-hour increments at the agreed to pricing for UL Specialty Regulatory Advisory time.

Expedited Service:

Any Services deliverable required sooner than ten (10) business days will be quoted on an hourly basis at “rush” applicable advisory rates.

Other Services:

Any services outside of these defined Deliverables listed above are subject to execution of a separate mutually agreed statement of work.

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