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Designing Unforgettable Training Content

Learn how to optimize the delivery of your training to increase retention by pairing the knowledge type with the correct strategies.

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Watch now: Designing unforgettable training content

Are you responsible for training within your organization? Quality managers, GMP trainers, subject matter experts, instructional designers, and many other job roles who have training design and development responsibilities will benefit from this webinar.

Webinar date

June 20, 2023


Dr. Karl Kapp, Bloomsburg University, Founder L&D Learning Academy, Co-founder Enterprise Game Stack
Dr. Carrie McKeague, Manager, Content Solutions, UL Solutions ComplianceWire® 

Do you have responsibilities for the design and delivery of training in your current job role, but question the effectiveness of the training? Would you like to design unforgettable training? If so, watch the UL Solutions ComplianceWire® team in an interactive webinar on designing unforgettable training content.

While technology has advanced leading to new learning approaches and resulting in learners consuming learning content differently, the basic approach to how learners encode, retain, and recall knowledge remains the same. By examining these processes in consideration of the design and then delivery of content the resulting training will be optimized for learning effectiveness. These basics are often overlooked in light of ongoing emerging learning technologies.

In this webinar, you will learn about different knowledge types and specific strategies to support the delivery of each knowledge type. By pairing the knowledge type with the correct strategies, your training will be optimized for delivery and retention. Practical examples from course interactivity to games are shared. You will leave this webinar with a worksheet of strategies and ideas on how to design unforgettable training for your employees.

Learning objectives

  • Review the learning theory around how people encode, retain, and recall learning content. 
  • Define the types of knowledge (i.e., facts, concepts, procedures, and problem-solving) that make up all content that employees need to learn in an organization.  
  • Identify strategies that support each specific knowledge type.
  • Show a variety of examples including course interactivity with digital card games.   
  • Help you complete a job aid to support your retention of this content and for future reference. 

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