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Designing Safe and Effective Manufacturing Procedures

Learn ways to improve the quality of their procedures. Improving the quality of manufacturing procedures can result in better worker safety, productivity and product quality.

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Watch now: Designing safe and effective manufacturing procedures

Webinar date 

March 14, 2023


Mark Lee, Ph.D., adjunct professor, NYU Tandon, Technology Management and Innovation, People Analytics; head of research, analytics and business development, ComplianceWire®, UL Solutions

Yvonne Limpens, managing human factors specialist, Emergo by UL (HFR&D)

Learning objectives:
  • The importance of developing a content model, a style guide and page templates
  • The benefits of developing and evaluating sample pages before proceeding with a full-scale procedure development effort
  • How usability testing — what amounts to taking a procedure for a test drive — can make the difference between a “just OK” procedure that might still have flaws and a great one.

The quality of manufacturing procedures can result in better or worse worker safety, productivity and product quality. Accordingly, a well-designed and written procedure can be a vital asset.

This webinar introduces attendees to an overall process for designing and writing manufacturing procedures that fully considers the principles of psychology, human factors, document design and effective written communication. You will learn about the value of writing requirements for procedures that consider the intended users’ needs and preferences and the characteristics of the intended use environments and the tasks to be performed.

Quality manufacturing procedures are the result of an investment in design complemented by fine execution. They make learning a procedure easier and more fun for the people who must follow them. They help protect against use errors that can lead to waste, property damage and even personal injury. They help increase productivity and the quality of manufacturing products.

Watch our webinar to learn how to get the most out of your procedures. You are likely to come away with new insights on how to make the manufacturing procedure development process go more smoothly and produce results that will be a source of company pride. Ultimately, producing better manufacturing procedures will help to reduce business risk and drive higher commercial success.

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