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ChemADVISOR Datafeed Service Terms

These Terms of Service (the “Terms”) apply to Client’s license of UL’s ChemADVISORTM Software (which may include ChemADVISORTM Cloud, ChemADVISORTM Desktop, ChemADVISORTM Datafeed, Illuminator and/or Navigator) as outlined in the signed Statement of Work between UL and Client (“SOW”).

All services described hereunder constitute Services as defined in the Master License and Service Agreement (the “Agreement”). Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined herein have the meaning set forth in the Agreement or applicable SOW. 

  1. If license is per User, a “User” is an individual, working in a capacity as an employee or contractor for Client that uses Service Content (as defined in the Agreement, and which includes, for purposes hereof, regulatory and other data), whether in its original format or through other software and database programs.  Users include individuals who perform functions such as regulatory research, or draft safety data sheets or other hazard communication documents, compliance documents or other informational reports (including those that automatically upload information from the Service Content).
  2. Data provided in connection with the Services shall constitute Service Content as defined in the Agreement. Client assumes full responsibility for the use of Service Content and the manipulation of any information or data provided for Client’s internal business purposes.
  3. UL shall provide necessary access to the Services, including, as appropriate, credentials, URL, etc., within 30 days of the Effective Date as defined on the SOW.
  4. UL shall provide Client regular updates to the Service Content.  Services shall include access to the Service Content and changes thereto per the update schedule. Updates will include documentation of changes to the regulatory and advisory content, structure and/or front-end software, as applicable.   
  5. UL will correct errors notified to UL that affect the functionality or integrity of the relevant application. UL will replace at no cost to Client copies of the application for which there are errors or omissions that affect the functionality or integrity of the relevant application.
  6. During the Term, UL agrees to answer to the best of its ability reasonable inquiries by Client pertaining to the use and/or maintenance of the relevant application. Client may contact UL technical support at [email protected]