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Beyond COVID: The Future of Your Supply Chain

Take steps now to prepare your supply chain for the next disruption, disaster or pandemic.

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The global pandemic brought out the best in many manufacturers, but it also showed the weaknesses in the current supply chain. The result has prompted a fresh discussion of how supply chains should be built, how to account for disruptions and how close do you need to keep your supply chain partners—and how close those who use your products need to keep you.

View this discussion with supply chain experts to hear lessons learned during COVID-19 for manufacturing and how the future of the supply chain may be altered to meet the near-term and long-term realities of a changed world.

Key points

  • Reframing the concept of supply chain resilience
  • Building or bolstering foundational agility and flexibility in your operations
  • Laying the groundwork for rapid response and recovery


  • Bob Vavra, Senior Content Director, Machine Design 
  • Ganesh Rao, Director, Process and Systems Certification, UL

Webinar date

October 8, 2020

Beyond COVID: The Future of Your Supply Chain

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