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Navigator is your gateway to operating in the chemical regulatory environment of major global economies.

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Regulatory Information At Your Fingertips

Navigator™️ highlights the main chemical regulatory requirements for over 50 countries across the globe. These concise chemical regulatory summaries compile the most important information all in one place, with easy to understand explanations of complex topics, expert insights, and links to laws and helpful resources. Summaries are authored and frequently updated by our global regulatory specialists, whose primary responsibility is the monitoring and reporting of the regulations in their given country.

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Genuine Insights Delivered By Global Regulatory Experts

Navigator is your one-stop shop for regulatory information, providing you with concise chemical regulatory summaries for more than 50 countries.

This smart tool compiles the most important information in one place, with simple explanations of complex regulatory topics, and links to laws and helpful resources. You can quickly view inventories, registration and notification requirements for chemicals and products, restrictions on use or import of substances, transportation basics and more.

The information in Navigator is constantly being updated by our global Regulatory Specialists whenever changes occur, and delivers genuine insights from our experts by providing you with exactly what you need to know in a simple and streamlined format, saving you time and money on research, and giving you an invaluable sense of clarity.

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Comprehensive & Up-To-Date Content

Navigator provides insights into current regulatory schemes and previews of major drafts and amendments. Our experienced team of Regulatory Specialists track and monitor regulations around the world on a daily basis, and update Navigator as changes occur so you can keep up to date with the most important information.

This comprehensive online tool includes the chemical regulatory requirements of today’s largest and most important economies, and serves as an invaluable reference tool for anyone operating in the chemical regulatory environment. In addition to this, Navigator helps put the content of UL’s other regulatory solutions – including our highly sophisticated Chemical Regulatory Database (formerly called LOLI) – into context.

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