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Regulatory compliance with Navigator two weeks free trial

When you trust your compliance awareness, your customers can trust you. As a hub of essential chemical regulatory information, Navigator™️ can help build that trust. Gain instant access to Navigator’s comprehensive compliance knowledge base.

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Your gateway to chemical regulatory compliance

Written by UL Solutions' experienced team of global regulatory professionals, Navigator includes:

  • Summaries of compliance obligations organized by country and topic
  • Inventories and related requirements
  • Registration and notification obligations for substances and products
  • Hazard communication, including GHS implementation, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), labels, hazard classification and more
  • Transport basics, including key regulations for transport via road
  • Restrictions or prohibitions on use or import of certain substances

Answer important questions with ease

Trust Navigator to save you time, money and effort by helping to easily answer the critical questions you need to ask when operating in a new market, such as:

  • Does this country have a chemical inventory?
  • What registrations or notifications must be submitted?
  • What information does that require?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Has this country adopted GHS?
  • What are the SDS and label requirements in this country?

And many more. Navigator’s carefully curated summaries provide what you need to know, all in one place, and is constantly being updated with new information by our global regulatory specialists as changes occur. It delivers actionable insights by presenting complex regulatory data in a simple and streamlined format.

Understand the regulatory landscape

Regulatory compliance is complex, and requires a deep knowledge of a country’s regulations, combined with expert analysis and accurate interpretation.

Some countries publish so much information that finding the answers you need can seem a near impossible task, which involves getting buried in details as you hop from website to website trawling through regulations.

On the other hand, some countries publish very little regulatory information which can be easily interpreted. Searching for something that may not even exist on websites in different languages can feel like a fruitless endeavour.

Navigator gives you the information you need: Nothing more, and nothing less. Find exactly what you need without the hassle; saving you time, avoiding frustration and facilitating accurate regulatory compliance.

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