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UL’s 360 Sustainability Essentials Software Celebrates 10 Years as a CDP Gold Accredited Provider

With a decade of recognition as a top ESG software solution, UL 360 Sustainability Essentials also powers CDP’s reporting system.

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March 7, 2022

UL’s 360 Sustainability Essentials maintains its status as a CDP Gold accredited provider of ESG reporting software. This is the highest level of recognition CDP offers for reporting software.

Increasingly, governments and corporations disclose sustainability metrics due to regulatory requirements and consumer or employee demands. Whether you need to collect data from different sources or report against complex metrics, software solutions like UL 360 Sustainability Essentials help you manage your annual CDP submission.

“Congratulations to UL’s 360 Sustainability Essentials for 10 years as a CDP Gold accredited software solutions provider. As more organizations around the world move to disclose their environmental impacts, the need for reliable and accurate software tools to help collect data and streamline reporting has never been more important. 360 Sustainability Essentials remains a trusted choice from a respected brand.”

  • Paul Robins
  • CDP Global Head of Partnerships

“Our customers are committed to making meaningful progress toward their ESG goals. As we’ve deepened our relationship with CDP, we have continued to refine UL 360 to support accurate, efficient and, most importantly, highly transparent reporting.”

  • Carlos Correia
  • UL’s vice-president and general manager, Asset and Sustainability.

Learn how 360 Sustainability Essentials, our well-established, recognized ESG reporting solution, can help you quickly, efficiently and transparently report on sustainability results.

If you are looking for an established, world-leading software solution and expert guidance for your sustainability program, contact us at or visit

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