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Thriving During the Accelerated Transition to Digital

Advancing the plastics industry through data management expertise.

Worker inspecting recycled plastic in plastics factory

July 30, 2021

Now more than ever, data transparency and accessibility throughout the supply chain is a fundamental requirement for chemical and plastics producers. Manufacturers that are going digital learn that data availability matters.

Product developers and engineers may seek out product data before reaching out to potential suppliers. In fact, the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Marketing Leadership Council estimated that “customers are 57% of the way through the decision-making process before they engage with sales.” This trend is expected to continue, and plastics suppliers must get ahead of the accelerating transition to digital to stay competitive in the industry.

The significant challenges of data management for plastics

Technical data management may be complex, but it isn’t optional. Data management is growing in complexity, with increasing amounts of data required for development and life cycle management, changing global regulations, more stakeholders being involved across several departments and multiple delivery channels for data distribution. To meet growing industry needs, plastics suppliers must confirm that all of their product technical data is:

  • Transparent – Accurate and complete
  • Accessible – Online across all channels
  • Real-time – Data is up-to-date and consistent

Further, there are serious consequences for poor data management. Suppliers can face inefficiencies and wasted resources that can cut into product margins while incorrect, inaccessible or out-of-date data can lead to potential liability exposure or loss of revenue from dissatisfied customers as well as lost opportunities.

Proper plastics data management

Because a transparent digital presence is essential to their success, suppliers need to partner with someone with data management expertise who can help them improve their margin with an efficient, automated process while improving their customer experience by delivering the right information.

UL’s Technical Data Sheet services

UL’s Technical Data Sheet services and software can help suppliers thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Our software solutions provide:

  • Universal changes with a single input
  • Simultaneous distribution across all digital channels in real time
  • Simplified and accurate translation capabilities
  • Standardized documents created to your specifications and branding
  • Streamlined approval across departments

As a global safety science leader, UL’s mission is to work for a safer world, which explains why UL assists companies to improve the safety of their plastic product development, manufacturing and implementation. Proper data management plays a large role in the accurate exchange of information leading to decision making. UL’s Technical Data Sheet services promote data accuracy and reliability.


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