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Prospector® Webinar Best Practices

June 13, 2018

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Whether it be thought leadership, regulatory standards, product announcements, or the latest industry trends, a Webinar is an effective tool to display and present valuable content to your targeted audience.

Broad Topics vs Targeted Topics

Who do you want to attend your webinar? What will users learn and how will it benefit them?

  • Our research shows that successful webinar topics are broad-based and valuable to users across many industry roles and functions. We’ve found that niche topics can sometimes result in fewer registrations. If the goal of your webinar is to get people in the door, then a topic that is not too targeted can achieve that.
  • Current hot topics: Industry Trends and Regulatory Standards

Promotion is key!

UL will promote to Prospector users based on your targeted audience.

  • The Prospector Digital Media Guidelines outline the webinar bundle of items that we provide to help promote the webinar. We will produce promotional items within our media templates and send targeted invitations to users that you identify as ideal targets.
  • Targeted Email: a detailed webinar invitation will be delivered across all regions or the audience of your choosing.
  • eNewsletter: we feature both a Box Ad and webinar announcement 2-3 weeks to promote the webinar.
  • Social Media: we create a social post and share it with our audience 1-2 weeks in advance of the webinar.
  • Knowledge Center Registration Page: we create and host a landing page for all interested users for at least 12 months.
  • Follow Up Targeted Email: delivered 3-5 days after a webinar, this notice announces that the content is available for viewing.
  • Our team will promote the webinar via the channels listed above, however we encourage you promote the webinar as well. When the presenting subject matter experts promote a webinar, your message will reach more of your targeted audience, often from outside of the Prospector user group.
  • Once a registration goal is set – your Prospector team will monitor registrations weekly and, if necessary, include additional promotion efforts to capture registrations.

Follow up is very important

Engage with users that registered and attended the webinar.

  • We measure the attendance rate of users that registered for your webinar. Users that attend the live event are known to be highly interested, however those that may have missed the event still present valuable opportunities because people commonly register in anticipation that they will receive follow-up communications of the webinar.
  • The Follow Up Targeted Email goes out to everyone that registered for your webinar, regardless if they were able to attend the live event. Because we host the webinar recording in our Knowledge Center, this offers users the opportunity to view, review, and further engage with the content.
  • Additional visits to the webinar recording mean continued marketing opportunities. Users who may have missed previous communication about the webinar can visit the page, engage with the content, and be a potential interest to you. You will have access to engage with users who view your webinar for months to come.

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