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Build Brand Awareness and Successfully Promote New Products

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November 8, 2018

Build Brand Awareness with Prospector:Branding graph on notebook

Online marketing today is competitive and is all about consistent marketing efforts to make sure your brand image or name is in front of the right people.  The process can seem daunting, however marketing your brand to Prospector users can be easily done by incorporating some commonly used digital media items into your strategic approach.


Brand Awareness – how to make sure you are seen by right audience

To ensure your brand stands out against the competition and other noise, it is good to have your brand image and logo in places where your targeted audience will see it.  By strategically timing your marketing efforts, you can boost new product launches, drive attention to upcoming trade show appearances, When a user sees marketing and becomes more aware of your brand, you can help build trust in your brand with an audience; using specific brand messaging other key benefits that put your brand over the competition.

With Prospector, do this by:
  • Creating Leaderboard Ads in Prospector Newsletters using large logos, product names, trade show booth information
  • Planning other Newsletter media like Spotlight and Box Ads to maintain a consistent brand presence to Prospector users  
  • Promoting new products launches, trade show booth information, and new product webinars on Prospector search engine by utilizing Skyscraper banner ads
  • Planning the timing of a Skyscraper banner campaign to run onsite during the key months and timeframes
  • Using a banner campaign to targeted key audiences – be sure to list key benefits of your brand to show how your brand ranks in terms of your competition


Product Promotion and Product Messaging to users that search

A new product launch may involve many separate efforts to promote and announce to different media channels.  It can be imperative that the new product details and key benefits are in front of users so that interest levels are built up and excitement is generated leading up to, and after the product launch.  Using a strategic message that creatively drives interest, can help direct formulators and product engineers to request samples quickly.

Use Prospector to help drive user interest in your new product:
  • Optimize your product description on the Prospector product page so that popular keywords are able to be found within the search engine
  • Utilize Sponsored Search Result digital media products so that your product is highlighted when Prospector users use keywords to search for ingredients that are similar to your new product
  • Promote the webinar with an Enhanced Product Announcement within the Prospector eNewsletter
  • Utilize the Prospector Newsletter section that is designated to announce
  • Create an email campaign with Targeted Emails delivered to specific users who fit the criteria within your desired audience

Take your next steps

Part of the initial task is determining the right tools to help with digital brand messaging and promoting your brand and specialties. Utilizing the right digital media channel to promote and reach the formulators and Prospector users that are searching for solutions you offer can make all the difference in new product launches and promotion.




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