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Smart Appliances Connect on Trust

Emerging smart home technologies create opportunity and challenge in equal measure. Keep devices connected with data-driven, innovative insights.

A man using his phone thats connected to a washing machine

As the smart home and automation trend continues to heat up so does the need for innovative design of smart home devices, the technologies that power them and the flow of data between them. New consumer technologies which have given rise to interconnected, easy-to-control environments themed smart homes, are doing just that.

This UL white paper will provide an overview of the smart appliance market and current purchasing trends as well explain the challenges that smart appliance manufacturers face, especially as it relates to the customer experience. The paper will also outline risks you may face if your smart appliances do not work out-of-the-box as intended and we’ll demonstrate how our end-to-end Smart Device IOP Solutions Testing can help mitigate these risks. 

Innovation happens when you harness data. Trust happens when you do it right.

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