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Essential Solutions for Businesses Responding to COVID-19

Mobilize in response to COVID-19 to provide critically needed services and ensure business continuity. UL can help with services that verify safety and performance.

Female scientist in hijab and face mask works in a laboratory.

The global spread of COVID-19 has introduced dramatic changes to businesses, communities and our daily lives. Unprecedented challenges worldwide demand that stakeholders from government, private industry, organizations and local communities enlist their ingenuity to overcome adversity in innovative ways. 

As businesses mobilize in bold response to unforeseen events, UL is, in turn, responding with emergency solutions that support business continuity during challenging times, enable vital healthcare services during this pandemic and champion the health and wellness of people around the globe. 

Helping secure access to critically needed products

As manufacturers shift production efforts to meet new demands of the medical community and COVID-19 patients, UL verifies the quality, safety and performance of newly engineered products for streamlined go-to-market access at a time when critical supplies are needed most.

In light of the growing demand for sanitizers, disinfectants and other chemical products needed to help protect people from COVID-19 infection, UL offers regulatory guidance, identifies safe alternative materials and provides expedited testing and verification for safer production of chemical products. 

Similarly, critical shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) leave healthcare workers unprotected as they work to save patients. The medical gloves, gowns, face shields and respirators used on the front lines must be effective. In an inspiring all-hands-on-deck effort, many organizations are working to provide PPE equipment, but verifying the performance and quality of these products is critical prior to releasing them to market for use on the front lines. From assessing the effectiveness of face masks made using 3-D printers, to verifying the performance and safety of imported isolation gowns, UL has enlisted our experts and facilities to perform verification testing to ANSI/AAMI PB70 to ensure PPE equipment is performance-ready. 

Supporting business continuity 

As circumstances evolve and businesses move toward recovery, they may be faced with unexpected conditions that range from extremely high to exceedingly low demand, from disrupted supply chains to scarce human resources. These conditions require innovative responses in less-than-ideal conditions.

With our extensive experience, UL offers building safety and construction services that help ensure that facilities including temporary patient care and testing facilities comply with all applicable safety regulations. UL performs on-site evaluations to verify compliance with installation codes, conduct vital checks for critical safety issues and assess the performance of building products and components to ensure that temporary facilities can operate safely.

UL also supports manufacturers in reallocating their resources, equipment and operational processes to produce needed supplies and ensure business continuity at a time when shifts in demand are prevalent. From verification of safety through plan review and on-site evaluations, to safety assessments on retooled equipment, UL services are designed to position manufacturers to operate with safety and effectiveness.

As businesses set their sights on returning to a new normal, UL is helping them incorporate pandemic response considerations into their broader emergency preparedness and reopening plans. 

Building knowledge

Moving forward, education will be key to reducing the spread of COVID-19. From the basics of the disease to risk mitigation tactics and proper handwashing, UL offers several free e-learning courses to empower communities with information about COVID-19. Our building advisory teams, with experts in public health, occupational health and safety and construction, continue to develop best practices for reopening indoor environments in safe ways. 

As businesses respond, reopen and recover in this emerging environment, UL will continue to introduce solutions that ensure innovation takes place in safe and sustainable ways. Visit UL’s COVID-19 Support and Service Center for the latest insights, resources and services to help businesses thrive in this difficult climate.

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