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Oct 6, 2022
  • Webinar

Unlock Deeper Insights to Inform Energy Estimates and Optimize Solar Assets

Manage expectations, address underperformance and identify future opportunities for your solar assets.

Aerial view of the solar power plant on the top of the mountain at sunset

Date & Time


Oct 6, 2022 2:00pm EDT


3:00pm EDT



Industry data reports that solar assets are underperforming relative to pre-construction estimates. The good news is that a meaningful portion of this underperformance is attributable to addressable issues. 

In this webinar, technology experts at UL Solutions will share how it is possible to draw well-rounded conclusions about a project’s performance and to identify future opportunities with proprietary analytical tools to define inputs and several types of solar photovoltaic energy assessments, including: 

  • Modeled energy estimates
  • Operational estimates
  • SCADA assessments

Together, these services can: 

  • Uncover causes for underperformance 
  • Identify areas where overprediction is possible — informing future PVsyst modeling methods
  • Propose plant-specific solutions to address recoverable underperformance

In many cases, the full picture portrayed by these energy estimates and analytical software tools allows for strategic remediation to improve future performance through more informed operations and maintenance practices, equipment replacement/upgrades and other improvement strategies. 

Register for this webinar to discover a holistic approach to solar energy estimates for planning, operation and remediation.


Ajay Saproo, global lead, Solar Asset Advisory
Peter Johnson, solar energy lead, North America