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Sep 15, 2020
  • Webinar

Understanding AEIC CS8-2020 Impacts on 5 - 46kV Cables

This webinar will help you understand the changes outlined in the 5th Edition of AEIC CS8 so that you can effectively use the specification.

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Date & Time


Sep 15, 2020 12:00pm EST


1:00pm EST

The Association Of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC) has published its 5th Edition of AEIC CS8 "Specification For Extruded Dielectric Shielded Power Cables Rated 5 Through 46 Kv" AEIC users are urged to understand fully the requirement changes outlined in order to use the specification effectively.

This webinar will cover changes to AEIC CS-8 related to the following topics:

  • Requirements for re-sampling
  • Conductor requirements
  • Insulation compound handling
  • Physical requirements for insulations
  • Production testing changes and requirements
  • Certified test reporting requirements and formatting
  • Questions
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