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Feb 28, 2024
  • Webinar

UL-EU Mark for Commercial Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System

Learn how the UL-EU Mark can help you differentiate your commercial kitchen fire extinguisher system.

A chef wearing a protective glove while holding a frying pan that has flames coming off of it

Date & Time


Feb 28, 2024 2:00pm GMT


3:00pm GMT





Learn how to achieve UL-EU Mark certification for your commercial kitchen fire extinguishing systems. This certification will help you to show your commitment to producing safer products and bringing credibility to the market.

UL-EU Mark signifies that commercial kitchen fire extinguishing systems have been rigorously tested and evaluated for compliance with safety standards (EN 17446).

The webinar will cover the following:

-    Introduction to the scientific leadership in fire extinguishing systems
-    EN 17446 standard, its scope and main requirements
-    European Fire Sprinkler Network (EFSN)
-    UL-EU Mark certification benefits


Blake Shugarman, principal engineer, UL Solutions
Alan Brinson, executive director, European Fire Sprinkler Network