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May 22, 2024
  • Webinar

SYSTOC 9.0 Release for Online Employer Scheduling

Join UL Solutions product managers to learn about the SYSTOC 9.0 software release and our capability, Online Employer Scheduling.

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Date & Time


May 22, 2024 10:00am CST


11:00am CST





The SYSTOC 9.0 release webinar explores the Online Employer Scheduling feature, allowing employers to autonomously schedule appointments for their employees, alleviating strain on clinic staff. Participants will learn how to set up this capability, navigating the user interface of this capability, and efficiently create appointments for multiple companies. The session will also address strategies for maintaining control over the clinic schedule to prevent overwhelm while facilitating multiple appointments.

In this webinar, you’ll better understand how to:

  • Understanding Online Employer Scheduling
    • Overview of the capability: What is Online Employer Scheduling?
    • Importance of empowering employers in appointment scheduling
    • Benefits for clinics and employers
  • Employer interface and walkthrough 
  • Setting up online employer scheduling
    • Customization options and features
  • Creating appointments for multiple companies
  • Appointment management and clinic workflow 
  • Controlling clinic schedule
  • Strategies to maintain balance and prevent being overwhelmed 


Russell Geissbuhler, product manager 
Meg Kepner, software lead solutions architect


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