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Mar 24, 2021
  • Webinar

Managing Your Supply Chain Disruptions: Material Substitutions

Learn how plastic users and manufacturers can leverage material substitutions to mitigate supply chain challenges.

A hand catching red plastic pellets

Date & Time


Mar 24, 2021 11:00am CDT


12:00pm CDT



The pandemic and other recent market conditions have caused plastics supply chain sourcing and transportation disruptions that are wreaking havoc in manufacturing production timelines. How can plastic manufacturers seek alternatives in raw materials to keep business moving forward? 

Learning objectives:

  • For plastic users:
    • Methods to evaluate comparable materials
    • How to analyze applications for your materials
    • Considerations for end-product certification related to material substitutions
    • Utilizing UL Product iQ® and UL Prospector® databases to identify possible materials as candidates for substitution
      • Access UL Product iQ® to quickly locate certified products and components
      • Access Prospector®, our leading materials and ingredients search engine, to help source alternatives
  • For plastic manufacturers:
    • Obtaining expedited recognition of a material using UL’s polymer variation program
    • Utilizing the Prospector database to identify possible polymeric ingredients to substitute in material formulations
  • Q&A with a UL plastics expert


Kenneth R. Vessey, Jr., senior staff engineer and distinguished member of technical staff, UL

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