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Apr 4, 2023
  • Webinar

Lead CDP Reporting

Join UL Solutions for our upcoming webinar and learn how to improve your CDP score and build a strong strategy for environmental transparency and action.

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Date & Time


Apr 4, 2023 10:00am CDT


11:00am CDT



We’re excited to offer this new webinar from UL Solutions to help your company become a leader in reporting to the CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, and drive change toward a clean-energy future.

Reporting our environmental impacts has never been more important. The consequences are no longer a matter of speculation; they’re here and they affect every one of us. From the Arctic to the tropics and from sea level rise to long droughts, accounts of how climate change is affecting our lives inspire new conversations about what organizations can do about our impact on our environment.

Only leaders in environmental transparency and action earn a top-tier A score. This allows them to stand out from the competition, secure customer revenue and mitigate risk. Learn how UL Solutions can support your carbon reporting evolution by attending our upcoming webinar to improve your CDP score and build a strong environmental transparency and action strategy. We’ll review:

  • How to go from disclosure to leadership
  • Key steps to getting an A score
  • Questionnaire updates for 2023

As a global organization dedicated to preserving public lands, we're eager to support your institution in reporting its environmental impacts. Together, we can inspire and accelerate our transformation toward building an environmentally sustainable economy by measuring, managing and disclosing our climate change data.


Jorge Plaza, Sustainability Consultant
Evelyne Saelens, Senior Sustainability Consultant