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Jan 18, 2023
  • Webinar

International Certification for Components: News and Updates

Review the IECEE Certification Management Committee’s recent official updates impacting components currently not covered by a specific IEC standard.

Copper winding and stack of an electric induction motor for home appliances.

Date & Time


Jan 18, 2023 2:30pm CET


3:30pm CET



Join UL Solutions industry experts to gain insight into what’s changed in component certification and how certification can prove beneficial for end-product manufacturers, especially in the component selection process.

Find out how UL Solutions can help you get the most out of the recent regulatory changes and enjoy the benefits of the D Mark for components.

Learning objectives

  • Certification context
  • Implications and UL Solutions involvement
  • DEMKO built-in part program
  • Benefits for applicants


Johnny Jensen, conformity assessment program principal
Joe Gryn, conformity assessment director
Giorgio Decataldo, business development manager


Giorgio Decataldo, business development manager