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Aug 31, 2021
  • Webinar

ComplianceWire® Validation: Release and Implementation

Learn how UL verifies every major release of ComplianceWire®, with insights from our Strategic Advisory experts Sharon Strause and Jasmine Grace.

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Date & Time


Aug 31, 2021 1:00pm EDT


2:00pm EDT



Join members of UL’s Strategic Advisory Group as they walk you through the validation process that occurs for every major release of ComplianceWire®, UL’s industry-leading compliance training learning management system (LMS) specializing in life sciences organizations. In this webinar, Sharon Strause, head of compliance and validation and Jasmine Grace, professional services consultant – validation and system implementation, will share their knowledge about the UL validation release process.

Topics covered during this webinar:

  • Quality system at UL
  • Release validation documentation
  • Client documentation from UL for a ComplianceWire® release
  • Core validation activities for new ComplianceWire® implementations
  • Validating integrations with ComplianceWire®: HRMS, EDMS and SSO
  • Maintaining ComplianceWire® in a validated state

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