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May 18, 2023
  • Webinar

CertsView: Certificate Management Tool for Code Authorities in Canada

This webinar from UL Solutions introduces code authorities in Canada to the new CertsView application. We’ll cover how to log in, set up, navigate, search for certificates and more.

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Date & Time


May 18, 2023 2:00pm CDT


3:00pm CDT





The main objective of this webinar is to introduce the new application CertsView to code authorities and show them how they can use the tool to verify alarm system certificates in their jurisdictions. 

This webinar provides a complete demo of the application, including key features: 

  • The new look and feel  
  • Certificate Summary dashboard 
  • Basic navigation: 
    • Sort and filter options to search for certificates 
    • What each action button does and how to use it
    • How to manage an account

Review key program changes related to certificates with the launch of this new application: 

  • Certificates will no longer have expiration dates; this is not as new of a concept to Canadian code authorities.  
  • New certificate serial number format – This only applies to certifications issued in the new application. Any existing certifications migrated from the old application will maintain the old serial number format.


Alan Cavers, engineer manager, Built Environment, UL Solutions


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