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May 16, 2023
  • Webinar

CertsView: Certificate Management Tool for Alarm Companies

This webinar introduces alarm companies to the new CertsView tool (replacing ULwebCerts), covering login, setup, navigation, issuing new certificates, modifying existing certificates and more.

Person using modern interface platform on virtual screen

Date & Time


May 16, 2023 2:00pm CDT


3:00pm CDT



The main objective of this webinar is to simplify our customers’ transition from the application they currently use to manage their alarm system certificates (ULwebCerts) to the new CertsView application as much as possible.

This webinar will introduce our customers to the new application and show them how to use it and provides a complete demo of the application, including key features: 

  • New look and feel of CertsView’s updated user experience
  • New Certificate Summary dashboard 
  • New Services Summary dashboard 
  • Basic navigation: 
    • Sort and filter options to search for certificates 
    • How to navigate between the Services tab and the Certificates tab 
    • What each action button does and how to use it 

Review key changes related to certificates following the launch of this new application: 

  • Certificates will no longer have expiration dates
  • New certificate serial number format


Maryah Gress, project handler, Built Environment, UL Solutions