Engineering Progress eBook

Engineering Progress – The Revolution and Evolution of Working for a Safer World is a comprehensive, historical account of UL from its earliest days to current day UL documenting our organization’s fascinating and inspirational story.

This compelling read highlights the collaborative role UL played in shaping safety in the U.S. and nations around the world.

While history alone falls short of capturing the individual contributions of the tens of thousands of outstanding employees at UL over the decades, Engineering Progress documents and illustrate our shared achievements and struggles. In reading Engineering Progress, you will be able to see how UL’s common mission and shared values have made a positive impact on society, while working for a safer, more secure and sustainable world.

Several file types are provided for your reading convenience. Mobi files work best with e-readers; ePubs can be viewed on your tablet or smartphone, and pdfs are accessible via most devices. Please note that formatting issues may occur.

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