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Akio Yasuhara

Senior Project Engineer

Akio Yasuhara is a leading expert in the field of optical radiation product safety (laser/LED/lamp radiation) at UL Solutions.

head shot for Akio Yasuhara

Akio Yasuhara has worked at UL Solutions for more than 15 years in the field of optical radiation product safety (laser/LED/lamp radiation) and is based in Ise, Japan. Prior to joining UL Solutions, he served a research fellowship in laser science at a research center of Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (currently National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology) and received a master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Doshisha University, Japan.

Throughout his career at UL Solutions, he has been deeply involved in optical radiation safety requirements. He currently serves as a regional lead reviewer for the Asian region at UL Solutions for optical radiation safety. He evaluates a wide variety of products to laser safety and photobiological safety standards, including the IEC 60825 / IEC 62471 series, Japan JIS, and U.S. FDA/CDRH 21 CFR, and helps develop global UL guidelines on optical radiation safety.

He is also an expert on the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 76 (TC 76) for “optical radiation safety and laser equipment” and a member of the Japan national committee of TC 76.