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Ethics and Compliance

The Ethics and Compliance Office serves our customers, suppliers, and employees by fostering UL Solutions' core value of Integrity.

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Our Ethics and Compliance Office  

We invest in ethics and compliance to promote and maintain our values-driven culture, ensuring that the principles of integrity, honesty, quality, and fairness are integrated into our business practices on a consistent basis around the world.        

Standards of Business Conduct (UL Solutions Code of Conduct) 

Our core values guide all our work. We operate with a clear understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, our policies and procedures, and shared principles of integrity and respect for our business, for property, for people, and the planet. We govern our behavior in accordance with our Standards of Business Conduct. These standards inform each UL Solutions associate of our obligations to UL Solutions, to our customers, to society and to each other. They apply to all UL Solutions associates, in every role and every location.  

Our Standards of Business Conduct cover legal compliance and ethical areas. It includes provisions on respect for human rights and fair treatment of employees, environmental compliance, fair competition and safe workplaces. The Standards of Business Conduct incorporate our Test for Integrity, reminding everyone who works for UL Solutions to be honest and fair, and to adhere to applicable laws and rules. The standards also require employees to comply with other UL Solutions policies including our Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy, Confidential Information Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy.  

UL Solutions Global Supplier Standards of Conduct

Suppliers play an important role in helping us fulfill our mission of working for a safer world. Although our suppliers are independent entities, their actions and decisions when doing business with or on behalf of UL Solutions affect our business and reputation for integrity. With this in mind, we have recently updated our Global Supplier Code of Conduct and are asking that all suppliers review and adhere to our updated policy. Our suppliers are required to embrace a commitment to integrity, quality and ethical conduct. To measure and ensure compliance, we will be reaching out to all suppliers in the next 12-18 months to complete an assessment of whether they meet our responsible sourcing criteria. All suppliers, their employees, agents and subcontractors are expected to comply with our Global Supplier Code of Conduct. 

UL Solutions Supplier Global Cybersecurity Requirements

UL Solutions takes cybersecurity seriously. Our suppliers have an important role in safeguarding our information assets to which suppliers have access. All suppliers, their employees, agents and subcontractors are expected to comply with our Supplier Global Cybersecurity Requirements.

Our stand on modern slavery

As part of the public safety industry, we recognize our responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking. We are committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our corporate activities and to ensuring that our supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking. Our Standards of Business Conduct and Global Supplier Standards of Conduct set out our expectations of everyone working with us — or on our behalf — to support and uphold our policy commitments and provides guidelines for employees, partners and agency workers to report any suspicions or concerns relating to compliance with the policy.

UL Solutions Human Rights Policy

UL Solutions is committed to respecting human rights. This commitment includes respecting the dignity and worth of all employees, encouraging all employees to reach their full potential and providing equal opportunities to all employees.

UL Solutions Global Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The agreements contained in our global purchase order are governed by UL Solutions policies, practices and business controls. These terms and conditions enable us and our suppliers to efficiently manage the delivery and acceptance process of goods and services across our locations worldwide, control costs, protect confidential information, and help to ensure that all goods and services meet quality standards and/or expectations and adhere to all relevant regulations.

UL Solutions is committed to integrity

UL Solutions expects that questionable conduct will be reported and investigates all reports and concerns.