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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solutions

Clearly convey your company's core values and meet stakeholder's disclosure expectations with UL's ESG services.

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We employ exacting scientific processes and the highest ethical principles to help create a better world. As safety challenges and concerns expand to include sustainability, well-being, connected technologies and security, we provide broad leadership, deep expertise and vital services to guide these transformations.

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We solve critical challenges for more than 60% of the Global 500

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Our diverse customers are based in more than 100 countries

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Our mission-driven employees are based in more than 40 countries

Enhance sustainability
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Strengthen security
Discover how to meet your business goals.

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To find information about UL certified products and components quickly and easily, use UL Product iQ, an expansion of the former Online Certification Directory. UL Product iQ features an intuitive and user-friendly design that gives users free access to all certification information. UL Product iQ empowers you to work more efficiently by quickly finding the exact content you need.

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Health and Wellness in Buildings E-Book

By showing your commitment to building health, you demonstrate that you are committed to the health and productivity of your tenants and employees. Download our e-book to learn how to create and maintain a healthy building, the benefits of healthy buildings during a public health crisis and more.

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Discover how UL is helping brands build trust in a digital world in this short video.

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