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UL Remote Android Reader

Remote card content testing for physically inaccessible SIMs, UICCs, embedded Secure Elements (eSE) and eUICCs

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Read and verify UICC profiles

UL Remote Android Reader is an Android application that allows UICC card content or eUICC profiles to be read and verified when the UICC card or eUICC is inaccessible or physically embedded in the device.

UL Remote Android Reader is used in conjunction with the UL Card Test Tools; UL Mobile Card Test Platform, UL Mobile Card Profile Tester or UL Mobile eUICC Profile Tester. It acts as a proxy for sending commands from the UL Card Test Tool running on the client test PC, to the UL Remote Android Reader installed on the Android device.

Key benefits

  • Secure TLS connection from UL Remote Android Reader to the UL Card Test Tools
  • Runs on all versions of Android above v4.4 (KitKat)
  • Support Secure Channel Protocol interfaces to verify SCP02 and SCP03 keysets in applications and GlobalPlatform Security Domains
  • Live status updates in the UI for remote connectivity and the number of commands received and responses sent
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UL Remote Android Reader

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