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UL SM-DP+ Simulator

Simulate the SM-DP+ and download a profile onto different eUICC/device combinations

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Eliminates the need for a real SM-DP+ for testing

UL SM-DP+ Simulator is essential for anyone in the mobile industry who wants to load eSIM profiles onto Consumer devices when they do not have a real SM-DP+ readily available.

The tool loads eSIM profiles onto Consumer devices to verify that the device, its LPAd and the eUICC are interoperable compatible with the eSIM profile. It can help customers determine if there are issues with the device, the eSIM or the actual eSIM profile itself.

UL SM-DP+ Simulator is an SM-DP+ Simulator providing support for functions on GSMA ES8+ and ES9+ interfaces. It provides a REST API that is used to configure the SM-DP+ Simulator exactly as you need it. It is possible to load the profile and its associated metadata with your own custom SM-DP+ certificates and keys, or with GSMA SGP.26 test certificates and keys used in SGP.23. The tool also provides a Templating Engine that allows a profile template (or “dummy profile”) to be provided as input, and for an actual profile including the metadata to be output, containing specific values particular to each profile subscription, e.g. EF_ICCID, EF_IMSI, EF_MSISDN, K-Key and OPC. Apart from that, UL SM-DP+ Simulator provides a DNS Server. This allows you to create your own test network, by connecting the test tool and the device to a Wi-Fi router and map the Activation Code’s FQDN from the device’s LPAd to the IP address of the UL SM-DP+ Simulator.

Key benefits of the UL SM-DP+ simulator

  • Eliminate the need to book test time on your real SM-DP+ platform
  • Provide REST API to help automate and integrate with your own test environment
  • Provide REST API to load profiles into the SM-DP+ and schedule profile availability for testing, including retry attempts
  • Quickly verify and evaluate interoperability between profiles, handsets and eSIMs
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UL SM-DP + Simulator Fact Sheet

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