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UL SmartWave Box

Contactless cards testing

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Secure innovation

The UL SmartWave Box, a cutting-edge hardware device, is the perfect solution for testing contactless cards. It reads and simulates contactless smart cards and e-Identification documents. The UL SmartWave Box also analyzes the communication between a contactless card and terminal. With its various modes of operation, the UL SmartWave Box is the most versatile tool available today for contactless testing.

Testing to ISO 14443 and ISO 23917 

The UL SmartWave Box is the testing tool to:

  • Test a CL Card (ISO 14443 - 3/4/ application)
  • Test a CL Terminal (ISO 14443 - 3/4/application)
  • Test the NFC Tags and NFC Device (ISO 23917)
  • Analyse and spy on card-terminal communication

Key benefits of UL SmartWave Box

  • Contactless terminal testing
  • Contactless card simulation (MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave)
  • ePassport/eMRTD testing and simulation

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