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Mobile Testing Solutions

Our services support you in the development, integration, production and deployment of your mobile solution.

Several mobile device being recharged

UL Solutions offers a range of test tools to support the development and testing of secure elements and cards (SIM, eSIM, UICC, embedded Secure Element, Payment Cards), mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.), modems, Javacard applications, and GSMA Subscription Managers. Our testing tools are used by leading companies from the telecommunications, payments, identity, transit, machine to machine (M2M), and Internet of Things (IoT) industries.


The mobile telecoms ecosystem is complex. Multiple parties and vendors are striving to meet demands for innovative experiences and applications. Functional design and functional security are critical components of this ecosystem — Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), service providers and vendors need to trust that their implementations and solutions are functionally correct and secure. 

We can help you test the functionality and security of your offerings and services against industry-standard test specifications or against your own proprietary specifications. And when you need a debug tool to help you determine the root cause of any issues, you can rely on our spy tools.


Our mobile testing services can help you:

  • Identify and resolve issues quickly using detailed reports and UL Mobile Spy’s extensive range of features
  • Save on testing time and expedite time to market using test suites and tools that automatically check compliance to the latest implementation specifications
  • Improve brand protection by identifying issues before products enter the market 
  • Speed up product development cycles by automating testing and quickly and clearly identifying any issues.

Spy Tool solutions

UL Mobile Spy software combined with our small portable UL SmartConnect hardware serves as an easy-to-use tool that translates and visualizes communication between handsets and SIM/USIM cards, or contactless readers, M2M and consumer devices and eUICC/eSIM.

It is a flexible and intuitive tool, providing complete translations. The various views in UL Mobile Spy make troubleshooting fast and easy. Its built-in inspections automatically help pinpoint problems on a range of different specifications and protocols: ISO, GSM, 3G-5G (UISM/ISIM), CDMA (CSIM/RUIM), RFM/RAM over CAT_TP and SMS, HTTPS, SWP/HCI, Contactless/NFC, MIFARE, GSMA eUICC, GlobalPlatform and Payments standards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover).

Secure Element (SIM, eSIM, eSE) test solutions

UL Solutions offers a range of secure element and card testing (SIM, eSIM, UICC, embedded secure element, payment cards) and Javacard application testing resources that allow you to test against industry test specifications or against your own proprietary test specifications.

Device and Modem test solutions

We offer a range of device and modem testing offerings that allow you to test against industry test specifications or against your own proprietary test specifications.

Subscription Manager test solutions and simulators

We offer a range of subscription manager server testing and simulation testing resources that allow you to test against industry test specifications or against your own proprietary test specifications.

Test equipment for SIM, eSIM, handset, application or server platform

Hardware and accessories

UL Solutions offers a range of test hardware and accessories that allow you to connect and test your SIM, eSIM, handset, application or server platform using our test tools and test suites.

  • Hardware
  • General accessories
    • Replacement USB License Key (Dongle)
    • UL Contact and Contactless Chip Reader
    • UL MFF2 Adapter
  • UL SmartConnect accessories
    • UL SmartConnect 301 SIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 302 SIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 303 SIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 304 SIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 401 MicroSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 402 MicroSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 403 MicroSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 404 MicroSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 501 NanoSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 502 NanoSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 503 NanoSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 504 NanoSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 601 MFF2 probe
    • UL SmartConnect 602 MFF2 probe
  • UL SmartConnect accessories continued
    • UL SmartConnect 603 MFF2 probe
    • UL SmartConnect 604 MFF2 probe
    • UL SmartConnect probes set (six probes)
    • UL SmartConnect contact and contactless probe
    • UL SmartConnect ASL probe converter
  • UL SmartStation3 accessories*
    • ASL301 – SIM Probe
    • ASL302 – SIM Probe
    • ASL303 – SIM Probe
    • ASL304 – SIM Probe
    • ASL401 – SIM Probe
    • ASL402 – SIM Probe
    • ASL403 – SIM Probe
    • ASL404 – SIM Probe
    • ASL501 – SIM Probe
    • ASL502 – SIM Probe
    • ASL503 – SIM Probe
    • ASL504 – SIM Probe
    • UL SmartStation3 probes set (six probes)

*UL SmartStation3 is no longer offered, but accessories for the product can still be purchased.

MNO testing solutions

UL Solutions provides BAP (bon à produire) testing and interoperability test tools and laboratory-based certification and testing services to a range of Tier 1, 2 and 3 MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators).
Our tools are aimed specifically at BAP and interoperability testing designed to efficiently test the SIM file system (file presence, contents and attributes), applications (presence, attributes and keys), security domains (presence, attributes and keys), etc.

Our experienced teams have many years of industry experience in SIM and eSIM technologies, making UL Solutions the right choice for your testing needs. We not only understand the technologies but are also committed to helping MNOs deliver quality and operate competitively and efficiently.

  • MNO BAP testing
  • eSIM Interoperability as a Service (eIaaS)

Why UL Solutions

With so much data at risk, your customers expect their mobile devices to be functionally accurate and secure. That’s why you can’t just run a test here and there — you need a comprehensive solution. Our mobile testing services provide you with the resources you need, and we do it efficiently.

We have access to the latest technologies and functional and security testing centers right at our fingertips. Plus, our team of functional and security experts will walk you through our test procedures and help you understand the results. When all is said and done, you can have increased confidence in the functional compliance and security of your solutions. That’s how we drive confidence and that’s what makes us different.


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