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手机生态系统比较复杂。很多相关方和供应商都在努力满足消费者对创新体验和应用的需求。  安全是这一生态系统的关键组成部分,消费者和企业要相信他们的数据安全。 

我们的服务可协助您进行测试并确认手机解决方案的安全。  我们有先进的测试中心,并使用高效的测试方法。  我们的目标是让整个测试流程都尽可能快捷流畅。 

另外,我们的服务立足合规范畴,着眼大局。  我们的专家团队注重弥补实际现状与行业认证要求之间的差距。  在手机方案的每一阶段(开发、集成、生产和部署),我们可为您提供全程支持,使您能够充分利用与我们合作的时间。 



  • 降低财务风险
  • 提升品牌管理
  • 缩短产品开发周期
  • 提高客户采用率


在我们的手机安全高级课程,将介绍移动安全的关键元素和  iOS 安全概念,特别关注 Android 平台内容。我们准备向您和您的团队传授我们的手机安全经验和专业知识,将我们的手机安全评估专家派遣到您的办公室,现场讲授精简而深入的一日培训课。 


  • 避开常见的手机安全陷阱
  • 加快手机应用程序开发

Secure Element (SIM, eSIM, eSE) test solutions

UL Solutions offers a range of secure element and card testing (SIM, eSIM, UICC, embedded secure element, payment cards) and Javacard application testing resources that allow you to test against industry test specifications or against your own proprietary test specifications.

Device and Modem test solutions

We offer a range of device and modem testing offerings that allow you to test against industry test specifications or against your own proprietary test specifications.

Subscription Manager test solutions and simulators

We offer a range of subscription manager server testing and simulation testing resources that allow you to test against industry test specifications or against your own proprietary test specifications.

Test equipment for SIM, eSIM, handset, application or server platform

Hardware and accessories

UL Solutions offers a range of test hardware and accessories that allow you to connect and test your SIM, eSIM, handset, application or server platform using our test tools and test suites.

  • Hardware
  • General accessories
    • Replacement USB License Key (Dongle)
    • UL Contact and Contactless Chip Reader
    • UL MFF2 Adapter
  • UL SmartConnect accessories
    • UL SmartConnect 301 SIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 302 SIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 303 SIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 304 SIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 401 MicroSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 402 MicroSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 403 MicroSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 404 MicroSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 501 NanoSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 502 NanoSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 503 NanoSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 504 NanoSIM probe
    • UL SmartConnect 601 MFF2 probe
    • UL SmartConnect 602 MFF2 probe
  • UL SmartConnect accessories continued
    • UL SmartConnect 603 MFF2 probe
    • UL SmartConnect 604 MFF2 probe
    • UL SmartConnect probes set (six probes)
    • UL SmartConnect contact and contactless probe
    • UL SmartConnect ASL probe converter
  • UL SmartStation3 accessories*
    • ASL301 – SIM Probe
    • ASL302 – SIM Probe
    • ASL303 – SIM Probe
    • ASL304 – SIM Probe
    • ASL401 – SIM Probe
    • ASL402 – SIM Probe
    • ASL403 – SIM Probe
    • ASL404 – SIM Probe
    • ASL501 – SIM Probe
    • ASL502 – SIM Probe
    • ASL503 – SIM Probe
    • ASL504 – SIM Probe
    • UL SmartStation3 probes set (six probes)

*UL SmartStation3 is no longer offered, but accessories for the product can still be purchased.

MNO testing solutions

UL Solutions provides BAP (bon à produire) testing and interoperability test tools and laboratory-based certification and testing services to a range of Tier 1, 2 and 3 MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators).
Our tools are aimed specifically at BAP and interoperability testing designed to efficiently test the SIM file system (file presence, contents and attributes), applications (presence, attributes and keys), security domains (presence, attributes and keys), etc.

Our experienced teams have many years of industry experience in SIM and eSIM technologies, making UL Solutions the right choice for your testing needs. We not only understand the technologies but are also committed to helping MNOs deliver quality and operate competitively and efficiently.

  • MNO BAP testing
  • eSIM Interoperability as a Service (eIaaS)

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