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Digital Identity (Electronic Identification) Solutions

UL Solutions’ full suite of digital identity solutions is designed to support organizations in understanding the digital identity landscape, certify for compliance and manage cybersecurity risks.

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Digital identity (elD) and mobile driver's license (mDL) at a glance 

UL Solutions is a key partner in understanding the digital credential landscape and how to best leverage digital credentials in the solutions you provide to your customers. We offer independent training, strategic advisory, certification testing and cybersecurity evaluation services for mobile driver's licenses (mDLs) and other forms of electronic identification (eID). 

Advisory Test Suites Testing Services Security Evaluation
Digital identity workshop UL mDL Reader Test Suite Functional testing eID app - penetration test
elD implementation strategy UL mDL Application Test Suite Certification for conformity to ISO/IEC-5:2021 elD app - cybersecurity assessment
Industry insights and best practices   Performance testing elD backend penetration testing
Training     elD backend cybersecurity assessment

Our offerings can help you achieve increased consumer confidence, reduced risk and streamlined compliance. 

Accelerate your mDL program.

Watch our video — Our solutions for mobile driver's license (mDL) — to learn more.

Digital identity advisory and education services 

Engage UL Solutions’ identity experts for education and guidance on digital identity.

Digital identity is still a relatively new topic; therefore, education is key. UL Solutions’ technical training and implementation workshops, led by our independent experts, allow for all stakeholders to begin their identity journey feeling fully informed. Our experts are leading global standardization work and are actively involved in real-world implementations. Building on this knowledge, we provide continued guidance and education throughout all phases of your implementation project.

UL Solutions digital identity and mobile driver's license test suites

Leverage UL Solutions’ digital identity test suites to test your digital identity implementation or verifier implementation for interoperability.

Our digital identity test suite solutions are powerful quality assurance tools to test a digital identity implementation or verifier in a stable environment through repeatable tests.

UL Solutions eID scheme

Engage UL Solutions for independent test services to become certified interoperable to ISO/IEC 18013-5:2021.

As the global leader in testing and compliance, the UL Solutions family of companies delivers certification services through specific certification bodies. These certification bodies operate under their own authority, independent from government organization; are ISO/IEC 17065 compliant; and are accessible to all who fall within the scope of operations. Our eID Scheme's testing laboratories evaluate solutions for ISO/IEC 18013-5:2021 compliance. This global standard specifies interoperable protocols for digital credentials, as well as a data model for mDLs, and can be leveraged for other digital credentials. 

Our testing and certification services allow you to test for conformity against the standard for an mDL application as well as for an mDL reader application. Once your product has been certified, the UL Mark can be associated with the application and leveraged to market your solution by showing the UL Promotional Badge in your marketing materials, indicating it is compliant with any other ISO 18013-5 compliant device.

Cybersecurity solutions for digital identity and mobile driver's license

Engage UL Solutions’ cybersecurity team for independent evaluation of the security of your solution.

UL Solutions has cowritten more than 25 cybersecurity standards and frameworks. With our expertise, we can provide independent, third-party assurance of your solution’s security. 

mDL app cybersecurity assessment

We review the secure functioning of the mDL application and mDL reader, focusing on the protection against cloning, forging or theft by malicious applications, compromised phones or data leakages.

mDL app penetration test

We validate the resistance of the mDL application and mDL reader against malicious environments and handsets and validate that security controls are enabled.

mDL backend cybersecurity assessment

We validate the security of the mDL backend environment in light of security best practice guidelines. This includes creation of security checklists and assessment of configuration of systems and services via review of settings and personnel interviews.

mDL backend penetration test

We evaluate the security of the backend infrastructure by simulating an attack from a malicious source and provides assurance that critical systems and applications have a reasonable level of resistance against critical threats.

Why UL Solutions for elD and mDL solutions

UL Solutions has extensive expertise in cybersecurity with a global network of IoT and OT security laboratories, security experts and advisors, and specialized expertise in global security standards, frameworks and best practices.

Government authorities, industry standards organizations and innovative companies rely on us for security and identity management expertise. Our dedication to science and our objective authority help us provide high-quality digital identity security services. 


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