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UL NFC Handset Test Suites

Verify the correct implementation of NFC UICC-based functionality in mobile devices

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Network independent solutions

UL GSMA NFC Handset Test Suites are the ideal network independent solutions for handset manufacturers and conformance test laboratories that want to verify the correct implementation of NFC UICC-based functionality in mobile devices, based on technical core requirements (TS.26 NFC API and TS.27 NFC Test book) defined by GSMA.

GCF and PTCRB have added the GSMA NFC test requirements into their respective Certification Programs. Therefore, and among other mandatory requirements, mobile manufacturers must pass these GSMA test cases using officially accredited test laboratories under their certification schemes. UL GSMA NFC Handset Test Suites will help you in pre-certification and ultimately lead to quicker certification by test laboratories.

UL offers the following test suites:

Key benefits

  • Assesses compliance with the latest GCF WI-176, 190 and 197, and PTCRB RFT 123 conformance test cases
  • Covers both development and conformance testing purposes
  • Provides fast results thanks to a separated test setup, operating network independent and network-dependent tests in parallel
  • Offers cost-effective solution based on easy to install software upgrades for existing customers

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