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UL Self Test Platform

Streamline the payment terminal testing process

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Fully automated web-based solution 

UL Self Test Platform (UL STP) is the perfect online tool for any acquirer, acquiring processor, or payment scheme that wants to make the process of testing and certification of payment terminals automated, user-friendly, scalable, and web-based for all their customers. 

  • Comprehensive overview of your certification process
  • Always up-to-date with the latest compliance framework
  • Enables acquirer self-certification status
  • Integrated with payment brand test processes (M-TIP, ADVT, and others)
  • Extendable with custom test and certification processes

UL STP is a fully integrated and automated web-based solution to facilitate process management, functional testing and brand certification of payment terminals. By providing your customers access to UL STP, you enable them to debug, test, and certify their systems themselves while you keep the overall overview and control of their testing and certification projects. In combination with UL Brand Test Tool, the UL STP provides a complete solution for testing POS solutions as well as ATMs.       

UL STP is set up of several building blocks: 

  • Project management framework
  • Real-time network and host simulation
  • Functional testing and brand validation
  • Web portal
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UL Self Test Platform

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Cert-Easy L3 Terminal Certification Program

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