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Brand and Scheme Payment Security

We help the payments industry mitigate risk, meet requirements and achieve current business goals, while helping you future-proof by strategically leveraging emerging technologies and industry trends.

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The importance of brand and scheme payment security

In a constantly evolving ecosystem, global and domestic solution providers, card brands and schemes are challenged with effectively addressing, upgrading, and regulating their offering. To remain competitive in a connected and cashless world, it is crucial to continuously innovate.

We have long-standing experience working with all major solution providers such as POS vendors, gateways, payments service providers, acquirers and issuers, as well as the regulating payments brands and schemes, which helps to pinpoint how to best implement new services. Taking into account all local and global elements, we help build quality, fully operational service which drives member adoption.

Related brand and scheme payment security services and UL test tools

UL test tools 

Utilize UL payment security softwares to streamline testing and improve security. Our test tools offer solutions complete with qualities that help increase efficiency and scope across payment security functions and testing specifications. To name a few of these qualities, our softwares are designed in mind of flexibility, intuition, automation and—most importantly—support for scheme compliance. In a world of evolving payment methods and mobile payment capabilities, we've made it easy for our clients to use UL test tools to enhance performance when testing against payment scheme specifications.

Experience optimized payment security when you: 

  • Conduct UL EMV PVT tests with our EMV Personalization Validation Tool. 
  • Perform pre-certification on your payment application with UL Payment Card Functional Test Suites.
  • Benefit from UL’s comprehensive training, support and certification services for EMV® 3-D Secure compliance.
  • Streamline the payment terminal testing process with UL Self Test Platform (UL STP).

Why UL for brand and scheme payment security

Solution providers such as POS vendors, gateways, payments service providers, acquirers and issuers, as well as brands and schemes work with UL to gain flexibility and scalability and to achieve accelerated business growth. We deliver testing and certification expertise globally, providing all stakeholders in the payment ecosystem with a flexible range of support aimed at delivering the following benefits.

  • Improved global experience and local language
  • Enhanced relevancy and competitiveness
  • Improved development to support the constantly evolving ecosystem
  • Shorter cycle times obtaining compliance for payment solutions, shortening time to market.

UL has knowledge, hands-on experience and tools to navigate and anticipate the differences and nuances a multitude of stakeholders apply to their test and certification processes.

Let us help you to ensure meeting compliance needs and taking full advantage of emerging opportunities in the smart payments space.  


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