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Real-Time and Instant Payment Automated Testing

Streamline the testing process for real-time and instant payment implementations with Host Testing Solution (HTS) for Instant Payments.

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Market-mandated migrations using ISO 20022 are advancing on different timelines. Different types of payment institutions must be ready to modernize their legacy systems for large volumes of data and to update the systems and consolidate data without losing relevant information.   

UL Solutions offers a fully automated web-based platform to test real-time payments (RTPs) and instant payments to support financial institutions and payment service providers in streamlining their testing process for payment host implementations of ISO 20022, real-time payments and compliance with real-time payment networks.   

The Host Testing Solution (HTS) for Instant Payments allows continuous, configurable, adaptable and automated testing. The platform enables a cloud-based, scalable and web-based sandbox environment. It automates and scales up the testing process for real-time payment implementations and migrations, which must undergo testing and certification prior to rollout to production and prior to certification with networks.  

The key functionalities are message injection and host simulation. This allows customers to remove dependency on external systems, perform independent testing and simulate different domestic and cross-border RTP systems.  

This is a platform designed to support automated back-end testing for real-time and instant payment implementations consisting of:

  • Sandbox environment for simulating messages from any part of RTP systems.
  • Configurable project scope and test case customization through the web user interface to cover multiple functional scenarios (regression, partner onboarding and interface, etc.).
  • Authorization rule engine to generate message responses in the user interface.
  • Automatic message interpretation and validation based on ISO 20022 and API specifications to reduce the effort of creating test conditions.
  • Support for multiple RTP messages over multiple protocols (RTP scheme specifications).
  • Reporting to simplify testing analysis and remediation.
  • Support for multiple connections to the systems under test.
  • Collaboration platform (multiteam testing) for automated testing.
  • Modular/scalable multitenant model.

HTS for Instant Payments testing process

The HTS for Instant Payments follows a phased approach for the testing process, from definition to scoping to execution and reporting.

The HTS for Instant Payments phases 0 through 4

HTS for Instant Payments key features

Test case management

  • Preset of RTP test cases
  • Comprehensive module for creation, customization and management of test cases
  • Efficient test data management
  • Test plan life-cycle process

Project management

  • Customer onboarding
  • Automated test selection (scope)
  • Project step review
  • Project life cycle
  • Detailed and overall project reports

Test execution

  • Simulation of external parties for conducting independent testing
  • Scheduled automatic execution and validations that reduce manual intervention
  • Expansion to new use cases

Knowledge and collaboration

  • Documentation and test plan repository
  • Automated resolution of common issues
  • Per-project management of test results

This automated testing platform is part of our real-time and instant payment implementation service.

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