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Powerful real-time payments simulator

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Using the ASTREX simulator for automated validation of payment transactions

UL ASTREX is a powerful testing platform. It can simulate any transaction type and any component in the payments chain and provides all the functions needed to validate the complete end-to-end production environment. Whether you are an issuer, an acquirer, a merchant, a terminal vendor, or a third-party payment service provider, a next-generation test and validation environment is key to getting ahead of the competition.

The twin market forces of continuous technology innovation and relentless consumer demand are creating a dynamic and ever-evolving payments landscape. To maintain a consistent and positive customer experience you have to keep pace with an ever-increasing array of new technologies and standards. The UL ASTREX testing platform is an industry leader in automated validation of payments transactions. This single test environment can be made available to every participant in your product development lifecycle. UL ASTREX helps to reduce implementation costs and delivery risks, while dramatically improving card and payments product quality and your speed to market.

UL ASTREX key benefits

  • Enterprise deployment – simulate a complete real-time end-to-end payments environment
  • High-performance architecture – simultaneous processing of multiple transactions over multiple connections at production speeds
  • Protocol-independent design – easy-to-use transaction builder to create test cases without scripts or coding expertise
  • Standards and compliance – full card scheme roadmap support
  • Full transaction audit – detailed transaction analysis and logging
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