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UL Joins CE100 to Advance Circular Economy Initiatives

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 membership allows UL to further the development of circular economy tools that support businesses and markets in the transformation toward circularity.

icons such as leaves, reuse, water and so forth depict the circular economy

April 16, 2019

NORTHBROOK, Il., April 16, 2019 UL, a global safety science leader, today announced it has joined the Circular Economy 100 (CE100) network, established and facilitated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which facilitates market making through collaborative and pre-competitive opportunities. This is part of UL’s continued focus on the development of circular economy tools that support businesses and markets in the transformation toward circularity.

“UL is pleased to join the CE100 network to work with other organizations who are committed to advancing a circular economy," said Barbara Guthrie, vice president of Corporate Sustainability for UL. “As a member of this network, we look forward to finding additional ways we can collaborate strategically with industry leaders to help everyone achieve their business goals while making a valuable contribution to the movement toward circularity and society as a whole.”

As a leading provider of sustainable product and company certifications, and sustainability performance management software, UL helps businesses define and measure their environmental and sustainability achievements. Programs including zero waste to landfill validations, closed-loop recycled content validations and by-product synergy validations help companies measure circularity initiatives and realize business value. In 2018, UL introduced the first Standard for circular economy initiatives, UL 3600, which measures circularity at the product, facility and company level.

“Circularity initiatives are increasingly important to corporate sustainability strategies today because they enable businesses to separate economic growth from resource constraints,” said Catherine Sheehy, head of advisory solutions for UL’s Environment and Sustainability division. “We are pleased to be part of the CE100 network and continue our work on a co-project related to measuring recycled content, which will demonstrate the ability to create markets for circular materials.”

We are delighted to welcome UL to the CE100,” said Joe Murphy, who leads the CE100 network for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. “With a focus on the development of circular economy tools, an important enabler of the business evolution toward circular practices, UL brings a unique set of capabilities into the network.”

UL is committed to the conversation around circularity. In January 2019, UL sponsored a global survey report from Newsweek Vantage, "Going Circular: How Global Business is Embracing the Circular Economy." The report found that 95 percent of large companies surveyed view the transition to a 'circular' economy as a positive for their organization, with new markets, improved competitiveness, enhanced image, and higher revenues cited as the leading perks of embracing circularity. UL is also sponsoring and speaking at Greenbiz’s inaugural Circularity 19 event, the largest circular economy event in North America.

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