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UL Introduces Certification for AM Facility Safety Management


November 27, 2017

UL has published the Outline of Investigation for Additive Manufacturing Facility Safety Management, UL 3400. The outline will be used for the evaluation and certification of any Additive Manufacturing facility using powder as the initial form of feedstock material to print parts. Facilities that seek to comply with and meet the requirements within UL 3400 will receive a UL Additive Manufacturing Facility Certificate.

“As an Outline of Investigation, UL 3400 helps enable the industry to move faster and be nimble in addressing the need for facility safety guidance,” said Norman Lowe, UL AM Global Program Manager. “UL 3400 and the certification have been developed with the global market in mind. It’s also structured in a modular manner so it can be easily adapted for regional code and safety requirements.”

The outline takes into consideration the three layers of AM safety: material, equipment, and the facility as a whole. Training is another key component of the program. “The better an AM facility staff understands the inherent risks and hazards – and how to mitigate them to an acceptable level – the less likely an incident could happen,” added Lowe.