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New Rewards, New Risks


June 19, 2018

Smart grids bring exciting new technologies and cyber challenges

Power grids are evolving in an effort to stay in step with an increasingly rapid pace of technological advancements. Rather than relying on the centralized grids of the past, distributed energy resources – including renewable energy such as solar and wind – are feeding into smart grids to offer a more dynamic response to demand and great flexibility. However, these smarter grids come with significant new challenges in the way of cyber vulnerabilities.

"Achieving many of these new energy capabilities requires more intelligent, connected devices,” says Ken Boyce, principal engineer director, Energy and Power Technologies division at UL. “However, anything connected to the internet, wired or wireless, has a vulnerability.” To stay one step ahead, it is best to understand these challenges and include risk-mitigation as central to the system and product design process.

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