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Quick Guide to the C-8 EMV® Contactless Kernel Specification

Learn about the latest EMV® Contactless Kernel Specification (C-8). This on-demand webinar provides the business rationale behind its introduction and a high-level overview of its technical aspects.

two people performing a contactless payment transaction

Watch the video: A Quick Guide to C8 EMV® Contactless Kernel Specifications

A contactless kernel provides a set of functions for payment acceptance devices, such as point-of-sale (POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATMs), to process contactless transactions for a specific payment system. The EMV® Contactless Kernel Specification establishes technical requirements for developing contactless EMV-compatible software kernels.

Join UL Solutions experts to learn about the new kernel features and transaction flow of the latest EMV Contactless Kernel Specification, C-8. We will cover topics such as C-8’s business rationale, technical capabilities, contactless security functionalities, as well as considerations for migrating to C-8. We will also provide a high-level visualization of a transaction flow to show how cloud operations differ from the current implementations.

Webinar date: Nov 2, 2023

Speakers: Flavia Hirata, TS advisor and Pieter Nijsse, TS lead principal


Learning objectives

  • Gain insight into the business requirements that led to the development of C-8
  • Understand what new technical aspects make C-8 unique
  • Become acquainted with C-8’s

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