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UL MIFARE4Mobile Test Suites

Prepare for formal certification

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A unique solution to perform pre-certification testing

The UL MIFARE4Mobile Test Suites are essential for anyone developing embedded secure elements and SIM cards of mobile NFC devices based on MIFARE4Mobile® version 2 technology, such as mobile device manufacturers, mobile app developers and UICC developers looking for checking their MIFARE4Mobile implementation.

The test suites are a unique solution to perform pre-certification testing. Every product based on the specifications developed by the MIFARE4Mobile industry group is mandated to successfully pass certification. By using the test suites to check your implementation during the development phase, you will be able to perform pre-certification tests. This minimizes the chance of repetitive formal test runs with UL Solutions’ MIFARE4Mobile Test Center, effectively shortening your time to market.

The UL MIFARE4Mobile Test Suites implement test cases from the M4M test specifications for M4M Platforms as well as M4M Secure Elements.

The following test suites are available:

  • UL Test Suite for MIFARE4Mobile Platform
  • UL Test Suite for MIFARE4Mobile Secure Element

Key benefits

  • Test according to the MIFARE4Mobile specifications
  • Prepare yourself for formal certification
  • View comprehensive reports including insight to application logic
  • Ensure high level of interoperability
  • Save time through fast analysis
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MIFARE and MIFARE4Mobile are registered Trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.


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