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MIFARE® Functional Certification

UL Solutions' MIFARE test center offers functional certification services including all MIFARE specifications

a wearable watch and the reader

Interoperable and secure

NXP is one of the leading vendors in the smart card industry. MIFARE® is a trademark of NXP B.V. MIFARE products have been deployed broadly and are used for public transport ticketing, among many other applications such as loyalty programs, access management, event ticketing, and micropayment systems. The proliferation of MIFARE products into mobile devices is guided by the MIFARE4Mobile® Industry Group consisting of leading players in the NFC ecosystem.

Key benefits

  • Create interoperability, acceptance, performance and security through functional testing in a market where multiple parties have a MIFARE license.
  • UL Solutions certifies the logical communication layer of MIFARE card products based on the MIFARE specifications.

Available options

  • MIFARE Classic
  • MIFARE Plus
  • MIFARE4Mobile (M4M)

Please find the list of MIFARE® products that are certified by UL Solutions’ MIFARE® test center here.

Who is eligible for MIFARE certification?

  • Certification of Final Products – MIFARE Licensee only 
  • Certification of Intermediate Products – MIFARE Licensee only 
  • Certification of Final Products based on Intermediate Products – MIFARE Licensee and Non-MIFARE Licensee
    • The intermediate product manufacturer should sign a letter stating that their intermediate product is integrated in this final product, and referring to the certification of the Intermediate Product (i.e. service tracking number and a copy of the certification letter).

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