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Evolution by Demand: UL Solutions Software and Data to Advance Impact Areas

Software from UL Solutions helps support regulatory, sustainability and supply chain challenges for your products, your people and the planet.

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July 31, 2023

UL Solutions has launched a new vision for its extensive software portfolio that enables customers to achieve faster, smarter paths to safer and more sustainable performance.

First entering the software business more than 10 years ago, UL Solutions has built up its digital offerings through in-house development and 15 software acquisitions and has decades of established software customer relationships. Now, insight into rising stakeholder expectations shows that not only are product safety and compliance a must, but also that there is more focus on sustainability. These factors have driven UL Solutions to develop and deliver software offerings spanning three impact areas: product, people and planet.

Today the software portfolio is supported by over 1,500 mission-driven employees and used by more than 21,000 companies worldwide, building on UL Solutions’ strengths and longstanding digital expertise across product stewardship, compliance and risk management, sustainability, supply chain transparency and asset management. 

Product, people, planet

With such a diverse portfolio, we have aligned our comprehensive software offerings for the products you develop, the people in your work force and the impact of your corporate footprint on the planet.

Product software supports compliance and risk management throughout the entire product life cycle, enabling customers to create and deliver safer and more sustainable products at the speed the market demands.

People software includes work force training, event monitoring and site safety management tools to empower employee health, safety and productivity.

Planet software entails environmental, social and governance (ESG) program management and renewable energy generation to help customers achieve social and sustainability goals.

The new impact areas of the software portfolio bring together industry-leading digital products, industry-specific advisory expertise and trusted data exchanges to help customers make informed decisions regarding materials, suppliers and manufacturers based on criteria such as safety, sustainability and performance.

As regulatory requirements around the world become more complex, UL Solutions software users are also equipped to navigate demanding regulatory environments as well as industry performance and safety standards to handle compliance and risk management requirements more efficiently. The company’s software offerings feature workflow excellence and science-rich decision support tools to boost productivity, meet commercialization objectives and improve speed to market.

Building a proven enterprise-wide software portfolio

Mission-driven UL Solutions has built itself on trust and stability, putting its customers and safety front and center. Over time, as digital transformation took hold, the company’s core services expanded into software to meet growing demands for compliance and sustainability — two areas where trust plays a crucial role when selecting vendors.

During more than a decade of independent evaluations of EHS and sustainability markets, we have been impressed by the expansive digital portfolio created by UL Solutions,” said David Metcalfe, CEO, Verdantix. "Companies seeking to enhance performance across product stewardship, workplace safety, ESG reporting and supply chain transparency should consider the proven capabilities offered by UL Solutions.”  

Industry-recognized effectiveness

Keeping up with customers’ needs is important, which is why UL Solutions continues to engage with them regarding future improvements and enhancements. The company also provides detailed information to independent analysts for valuable comparisons in the market and showcases its featured strengths:

  • Our UL 360 ESG reporting software was recognized for its scope 3 carbon reporting capabilities, named “Top Product” and maintained its leading position in the 2023 Verdantix Green Quadrant report.
  • Our UL 360 software has achieved Trusted Information Security Exchange (TISAX) certification for European automotive industry information security management, enabling European automotive manufacturers and suppliers to use UL Solutions software for sustainability, supply chain and ESG reporting processes.
  • UL Solutions has partnered with CDP Worldwide to develop a new application programming interface (API) for use by stakeholders to disclose environmental data.
  • Driven by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) participation, our software has provided more than a half billion compliance trainings across healthcare and life sciences industries.
  • More than 125 major retailers manage product compliance via our software — connecting more than 20,000 manufacturers representing over 1.7 million universal product codes.
  • Our product stewardship software is built on an industry-leading regulatory database of 7,500 plus global lists, with material and chemical data management capabilities to automate compliance and documentation requirements.

UL Solutions enables leaders in various industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods, chemicals and materials, life sciences, automotive and consumer technology to develop safer, compliant and more sustainable products, educate their work force through safety training, and advance sustainability goals and reporting with data management and advisory services.

Learn more about UL Solutions’ expanding software portfolio.